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Trips & Tours

Throughout the year many one day trips & tours are organized for the benefit of the Members and their Spouses/Companions.

These tours cover a variety of topics from NY Philharmonic concerts to trips to local racetracks like Monmouth Park.

Each trip is organized and managed by a Member that volunteers to be in charge of the specific trip.

The Member who is responsible of coordinating the Day Trips & Tours is Bob Sayegh 670-6010.

In addition to the day trips, extended trips in the USA and abroad are also organized.

As an example, we recently concluded a tour of the Norwegian Fjords and a trip to the National Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington, DC.

The Member in charge of the extended trips is: TBD.

To see the currently scheduled Trips & Tours, click on the menu.


Parking cars at Graydon Pool for day or overnight trips (including use for car pool staging) requires a permit from the Ridgewood Parks Dept. Click HERE for the permit application which should be completed and emailed back to
Mary Hefferan at

Attention all Activity Chairman, in order to maintain insurance coverage on all day trips involving a common carrier, please click HERE for the procedure that must be followed.

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