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Hobbyists membership is open to any semi-retired or retired male who is interested in joining and participating in our numerous and varied activity groups.  These groups often lead to new friendships with others who share similar interests. Candidates who include a Hobbyists member sponsor may submit their application for immediate review.
This candidate must submit a check for the current yearly membership ( $60.00)


A candidate without a member sponsor, may still submit his application to the Membership Committee who in turn will help to determine if a qualified sponsoring member is available to him.  A member of the membership committee will follow up with this applicant regarding same.


A complete application form supported by a sponsoring member and an application fee equivalent to yearly dues, shall entitle the candidate to immediately participate in all Hobbyists activities except voting, which is delayed until he is officially inducted into Hobbyists.  Application fees submitted before September 1 will be considered as dues for the current year. If submitted after September 1, the application fee will constitute dues for the current year and the following year.

For more details, click on the Constitution button in the Membership page.


An applicant will be inducted into the Organization when he will have attended three business meetings.  The new member will have the opportunity to introduce himself to the current members and at that time he will receive his membership card.

 A sponsoring member may have only one prospective member under his sponsorship at a time. A new member may not sponsor a prospective member until he has held full membership for twelve months.

Members pay annual dues until reaching 90 years of age when they are made Life Members and no longer pay dues. Dues currently are $60 per year. A $10 administration surcharge will apply if dues are unpaid after December 3.

For more details, click on the Constitution button on top of the Membership page.

If you are interested to became a member, you can read the New Member Package HERE.

To apply for membership, complete the online application HERE.


You can also download the application form HERE, print it

and mail the completed form to our address shown on the application form.

How to become a Member

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