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In this section, you will find detailed information about our Organization, its Officers, Constitution, Membership Roster and other topics related to the operation of the Hobbyists Unlimited.


New officers are nominated at the October meeting, elected by members at the November meeting and serve a one-year term beginning with the December meeting. 
The current Officers and the four most recent past presidents make up the Executive Board.
The Executive Board considers and acts on specific matters regarding the welfare of the organization. The Senior Advisory Board consists of the other past presidents.


The current Executive Board members are (in addition of the current Officers):

Bill Healy, Cliff Matthews, Bob Mosher and Don Togneri.


Members of the Senior Advisory Board are:
Giancarlo Bisone, Joe Burns, John Butler, Bill Carbone, Ed Daly, Mike Doherty, Rich Edelman, John Gilpatrick, Bob Paoli, Syd Robertson, Bob Stevenson and Jim Sutherland.


Digby Wirtz is the Auditor.


For the complete list of our past Presidents, click HERE.


Mark Singer

1st Vice President

2nd Vice President



Sponsor's Rep.

Gary Engelhardt

Steve Friedman

Lew Dickinson

The current Officers are:

Don Peterfriend

Peter Weinstein

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