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Next General Meeting: DECEMBER 7, 2023

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Hobbyists Unlimited

Meet our President - Bob Mosher

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You wouldn’t know that Hobbyists is an activity club for retired and semi-retired members.

Our members are more active than ever, enjoying friendships, various games and club activities.  Our wives  are very happy, not seeing their husbands sitting around the house and hearing them complain.  Retirement could not be better, except to have a moment to sit down.  Nowhere are so many doing so much for fellow members and enjoying so much than at Hobbyists Unlimited.

I believe that men tend to be loners, which may become troublesome, especially after retirement, when one loses contact with co-workers and a structured lifestyle.   Fortunately, we can keep active, meet new friends and join many club activities.  Check out our activity clubs as seen under the Activities tab located above.  Some of the most popular activities are Bridge & Chess, Golf, Hiking, Book, Music and Movie Clubs, Science and Technology Bowling, Dining, Dancing, Wine Appreciation and the many others as listed. If you have a special interest, you should present it to others as most likely you will find other members with the same interest. One of the joys of Hobbyists is that you can be as active or inactive as you want.  

I know that as a Canadian American, Hobbyists was a blessing for me. Initially, I responded to a call for assistance following Hurricane Andrew that devastated southern Florida in 1992.  I have a degree from The Insurance Institute of Canada and experience with damages caused from wind and other storms.  I found my calling assessing and settling many months of catastrophe claims.  I especially enjoyed helping homeowners overcome the damage suffered and get onto the road of restoration.

With my wife Denise we enjoy family time with our children and grandchildren.  We are kept very active and happy with the many friends we developed in our community of Ridgewood, Hobbyists, and the lady’s club, Connections.  
If you are not yet a member of Hobbyists and are semi-retired or retired, I encourage you to check out the Membership tab above and submit your application.  Our membership committee is willing to assist you with the easy process.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.  I hope to be a member of Hobbyists for many more years and look forward to meeting more friends and perhaps you. 

Organization Update




NEW MEMBERS: 3 new members were inducted during the November 2023 Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 17
member in 2023.
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Upcoming Trips, Tours & Events

Monday December 11, 2023

Holiday Dinner/Dance

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