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Hobbyists Unlimited

CoronaVirus Update

As Hobbyists, we are in the 'at risk' portion of the population and everyone should be very cautious in interacting with others.  

The Hobbyist response to the Coronavirus situation is:


  1. ALL activities at the church and outdoors, without exception, are CANCELLED until further notice.  In fact, no Hobbyist is to go on church premises for any reason.

  2. Activity Chairmen will advise you if any of the Meetings will be held "Virtually" via Zoom.

Meet our President

I am very pleased and honored to become the Hobbyists' President for 2020. I am looking forward to working with all of you to make the year a success.


Let me provide you with a brief introduction and biography…. I was born and raised in Holyoke , Massachusetts. Although my parents were working class folks and had little money, they managed, along with my aunts and uncles, to build a 'camp' in the Berkshires and I spent many summers growing up in the wilds of western Massachusetts.


I graduated from UMASS - Amherst (BA '69). Admittedly, studying and academics were not my strong areas in my college period; I did learn many things in my years as a college 'student', just not things that were career oriented ( parties, beer, etc.). In September 1969, married my wife Donna and we have been together ever since.


I think, but am not certain, that I got off probation when we reached our 50th wedding anniversary. She has moved very close to sainthood by putting up with me for so long. We have three grown children. Thankfully, they did not have the same attitude towards their college duties that I did and I am very proud of each of them. In addition, I have 2 wonderful granddaughters that are delightful.


In 1970, after a random job interview, I found a position as an underwriter in the insurance industry in Springfield, MA and spent the next 40 years in insurance. In those 40 years, I worked for 5 different insurance companies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland and New Jersey. Four of the five insurance companies that I worked for no longer exist, but it is not my fault (really).


While retirement did not come as a surprise, it did come as a bit of shock as I did not really have a plan of how to go about the rest of my life. After some months of doing projects and aimlessly wasting time, I found the Hobbyists and increasingly became involved in activities and interests.


What a lifesaver!
I look forward to serving as the Hobbyists President for the year 2020.

Don Togneri


Organization Update




NEW MEMBERS: 2 new members were inducted during the October 2020 Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 19
members in 2020.
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Upcoming Trips & Tours

NONE due to the COVID Pandemic.