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Hobbyists Unlimited

Meet our President - Bill Healy

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It is with great pleasure that I  become President of the Hobbyists for 2022. Here is a little bit about myself.


I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in an Irish/Italian neighborhood there.  I went to Catholic  school for 13 years before taking a job at Equitable Life Insurance Co. in midtown Manhattan.

While working at Equitable  I met the love of my life, Vicki Castro.


Vicki and I  got engaged in June of 1966.  In September of 1966 I was drafted into the Army . It was the height of the Vietnam War and I was very fortunate to be sent to Korea and not Vietnam. I returned from Korea the end of March 1968 and Vicki and I got married in May ’68.

Two weeks after I left the Army in September another very lucky thing happened to me when I joined J P Morgan on Wall St., working in Human Resources.


I had a great career at JPM before retiring in May 2002. Unfortunately one of the reasons I retired was so that I could  be with Vicki, who had ALS. Tragically  she died in February 2007.


After returning from a vacation to Ireland in September 2008, I got lucky again when I ran into my friend Diane and asked her to dinner.  We are still together, keeping  each other company and  traveling whenever we can.
I have two  wonderful children, Andrea and Christopher, an  amazing son-in-law Monty and an 11 year old  grandson who is the coolest sixth grader ever.


I have always loved sports and I bowl and play golf whenever I can. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the St. Louis Cardinals,

the J-E-T-S and Notre Dame.  I also love reading,  listening to music and the Hobbyists.

I joined the group in 2010 and hope to be a part of this  group for many, many  years to come.

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NEW MEMBERS: 2 new members were inducted during the June 2022 Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 13
members in 2022.
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Tuesday November 1, 2022

​Games & Show at the Casino, Mount Airy Casino Resort