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Next General Meeting: SEPTEMBER 5, 2024

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Hobbyists Unlimited

Meet our President - Mark Singer

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The New Year is a time for reflection and setting goals. Let us commit to make 2024 a great year for all Hobbyists!

During the past few years, we’ve lost some iconic leaders to Father Time while others have moved on from leadership roles. Fortunately, we have had folks step up to fill the void. But we still need others to contribute to keep this organization going in the right direction.

Our group does a great a job in providing members with more than 30 different activities and invaluable friendships. Our revised membership application program provides us with an opportunity to increase our recruitment efforts, and new members oftentimes brings fresh ideas. If anyone has an interest in starting a new activity, please let me know.

My own history with the Hobbyists hopefully can serve as a roadmap for greater participation by members. Before joining in 2016, I had never hiked, and last bowled at age 12. Today, hiking and bowling are activities that I so thoroughly enjoy. I would strongly urge members to try something new!

I was very fortunate to work at Ramapo College for 42 years before joining the Hobbyists. Like the Hobbyists experience, Ramapo provided ample opportunities to do many things. Apart from my last position as Director of Financial Aid, I also at one time was Assistant Baseball Coach, Adjunct Professor in the School of Business, and Advisor to the Student newspaper. Variety is the spice of life!

Some of you may know my wife Donna, who was the Founding President of Connections. We enjoy our three children and three grandchildren, the youngest born in October 2023.

I’m hoping to meet with many members that I don’t already know, and will do whatever it takes to make your Hobbyists experience worthwhile. Thanks for your support.

Organization Update




NEW MEMBERS: 6 new members were inducted during the June 2024 Meeting.
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IN MEMORIAM: We regret the passing of 3
members in 2024.
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