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About Us

The Hobbyists Unlimited is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization, which is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood, N.J. as a community service.

The club cultivates the activities and hobbies of retired and semi-retired men residing in Ridgewood and the surrounding area.  Existing members sponsor candidates for new membership.

The main purpose of the organization is to foster Fellowship among the members while enjoying the various hobbies and activities. 

The Hobbyists Unlimited was founded in 1966 and over the years grew from 25 to over 400 Members.


In 2016 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our Organization and we published a booklet describing the history of the Hobbyists Unlimited. You can read and download the booklet HERE.

Parking for meetings is on adjacent side streets, Hanks Ave., Circle Ave and Reynen (on the north side of Ridgewood Ave.), the east side of John St. from East Ridgewood Ave. to Wyndemere Ave. and the east end of the Church day-school parking lot and across North Van Dien Avenue in the Church parking lot.

Please don't park in the yellow lined spaces which are reserved for high school students. If you are not familiar with the Ridgewood streets, click HERE for a map on where to park. Click HERE for the sign to put on your dashboard when attending the Hobbyists meetings.


Our fellow Hobbyists Dick Boswell and Steve Friedman created very nice Hobbyists songs highlighting Hobbyists activities (Steve the lyrics) and these songs are now on videos.

In one video, the saxophone is played by Dick's friend Bill Contente and all the other parts are played by Dick (some in disguise). In the others Dick is playing all the instruments.
If you are interested to watch these videos simply click HERE. for the first song, HERE for the song about our General Meeting and HERE for the song about Bowling.

Congratulations to Dick and Steve for a great job.

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