Wine Making Club

The Winemaking Club, aka "Happy Vintners", was started in 2011. This is a group interested in the art of producing fine wines. The club determines the varietals of wines they wish to produce, acquire the grapes through a local winemaker and then carryout the process of making and bottling the wines.


The club Chairman is Paul Richert - 201-967-1347.

Wine Making Club News

The club is currently making: a Chilean Blend started in May 2022 to be bottled April/May 2023 and a Amorone started in October 2021 to be bottled in April 2023.


Since the club started back on 2011 our wines have been award winners at the annual Wine Experience wine dinner held every August and attended by approximately 400 winemakers. Below is the list of wines made, Awards and current wines in process.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 10.21.19 AM.png

Click HERE to check out the Wine Experience site where we produce our award winning wines. This site also provides an overview of the process we utilize.