Wine Appreciation Group

The Wine Appreciation Group (WAG) meets for lunch and wine tasting once a month.

The lunch is usually the last Friday of the month. Each month a different member volunteers to host the lunch.  The host selects the restaurant and menu and pairs the menu with a corresponding selection of wines.

The club chairman is: Bob Stevenson 615-1202 or
Gerry Schott is our “Wine Consultant".

WAG Meeting News



Our first 2021 WAG luncheon will be held at Cafe L'Amore on Friday Oct. 1, 12:00 PM. The venue is located at 455 Ramapo Valley Road (202/208 intersection) Oakland, NJ. At this time, the following Hobbyists have signed up: Bakian, Baron, Brophy, Boyle, Campione, Carreras. Cinquina, Doherty, Field, Healy, Houlihan, Litwitz, Myers, Rightmyer, Schott, Skau, Steiner, Stevenson, and Tuch. Please reply if you cannot attend or if you want to be added.

Due to the high restaurant cost to our custom menu, the total cash cost (for food and wine) to each member will be $55, collected at the end of the event. On-site parking is limited at this pocket mall, so use an unfinished parking lot around the corner on the first left after the gas station. Perhaps members could consider car pooling to the venue due to limited parking.



Bob Stevenson