Science & Technology

The Science & Technology Club Meets the third Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM in the Church Auditorium.

The Science and Technology Club focuses on topic(s) that are both interesting and current.  

We realize that all members of the group will have a wide range of backgrounds and it will be necessary to adjust programs so that we get a majority of the members to be active in our presentations, discussions and activities.

Presentations might include talks by members, outside speakers or videos.
Activities could include museum trips, industry visits or field trips.

The club's chairperson is: Elliot Ratchik (845)-638-4835,

Science & Technology Club News


This will be the last Science meeting until we resume in September.


The June meeting will be on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, Via ZOOM at 2:00 PM Details will follow.


IoT Technology the Future is here.

The internet of things  (IoT) is an emerging technology that is currently undergoing a great deal of development.This TED presentation the Internet of things - beyond our current imagination presented by Ashkan Fardost touches on some of the concepts of this area.


IoT also involves critical security issues that need to be examined so that this technology can be used safely.  Ken Munro shows us how insecure Internet of Things products are and how easy it is to hack them. The big question is: how can we use these products in a safe way?  Ken Munro

is a specialist in ethical hacking. He is able to hack everything – from hotel keycards, to a range of IoT devices, from wearable tech to children’s toys and smart home control systems.


Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Elliot Ratchik