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World Affairs

The World Affairs Club meets the second Wednesday of the month at 2:00pm the Church Auditorium.
The purpose of the Club is to educate ourselves through the exchange of information and opinion on subjects of, most often, national and world wide interest.
At each meeting a paper representing research on the subject, hopefully bringing forth discussion of all sides of the issues and engendering new insights.

The club chairman is: TBD.

World Affairs Club News

The next Public Affairs meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY MARCH 14, 2024 at 2:00pm and it will be a "virtual Meeting" via ZOOM.

The Topic for open discussion is: "NATO"

DO you know?

  • Why OTAN? (no, it is not a mirror image)

  • One NATO member has a national defense budget of $0.

  • What country stayed in NATO even though 80% of the population did not want to stay?


​Formed in the aftermath of WW2, NATO evolved out of bilateral European defense treaties. It was a response to aggressive policies of the Soviet sponsored Warsaw Pact. We will look at how NATO exists today.


Discussion topics:

  • What is the purpose of NATO?

  • Question: Can small countries contribute ANYTHING to the alliance?

  • Issue: Standardization / interchangeability is it possible?

Don Togneri


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