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Italian Heritage

The Parliamo Italiano (Let's Speak Italian) Club meets twice a month at 2:00pm on the second and fourth Thursday of the month in the First Presbyterian Church Library.
The Club objective is to refresh and stimulate the learning of the Italian language.

The club chairman is: Don Togneri 908-347-2820.

Italian Heritage Club News


Italian Language Group meets to practice spoken standard Italian.

We have a wide range of proficiency in the group

- you don”t have to be Italian (but we know you wish you were Italian)

- you don”t have to be fluent in the language to enjoy the meetings.

We discuss all things Italian (not always in Italian)

- family histories about where we’re from and how we came to be in America

Di dove’e` la tua famiglia?

- travel we have experienced in Bell’Italia.

Sei mai stato a Firenze?

- food and wine

Preferisci il vino rosso o il vino bianco?

- music

Volare! Nel blu dipinto di blu

Usually, there is at least one member with us who is a native Italian speaker to help us with idioms and nuances.

See calendar for meeting dates and times.

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