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Music Lovers

The Music Club meets once a month at 10:00am on the second Friday of the month in the First Presbyterian Church Chapel to listen and discuss music programs of high interest. Everyone is invited to attend.

The deputy chairman is: Jim McKeown 327-3411.

Music Lovers Club News

The next Music Lovers meeting scheduled for FRIDAY MAY 10, 2024 at 10:00am in the Church Auditorium HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 11, 2024 due  the renovations and construction to the kitchen located in the rear of the Auditorium.

The subject of the meeting is "“Music of the Great Depression and World War II" presented by Hobbyists Jack Warner.

  • Our parents lived through some pretty tough times…the Great Depression, followed almost immediately by World War II. That’s 15-years of worries, right in the prime of their lives!

  • As children, we may not have appreciated how greatly these events impacted our parents. Or asked ourselves how they ever managed to cope with such difficult forces beyond their control. 

  • One important way was in the music they listened to…the Hit Tunes specifically designed to bring comfort and solace…and to lift their spirits when they needed it most.

  • In our program, you’ll get a glimpse what daily life was really like for your parents during those times…and get to experience the actual music that helped them see it through.

  • Performing their Top Hits, you’ll both hear and see - Rudy Vallee, Bing Crosby, Ruth Etting, Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong and Ginger Rogers…Along with Kate Smith, The Andrew Sisters, Spike Jones, Vera Lynn, Glenn Miller, and more.


​Join us for a nostalgic and uplifting musical morning…

Jim McKeown, Music Lovers Chairperson

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