Music Lovers

The Music Club meets once a month at 10:00am on the second Friday of the month in the First Presbyterian Church Chapel to listen and discuss music programs of high interest. Everyone is invited to attend.

The deputy chairman is: Jim McKeown 327-3411.

Music Lovers Club News

The next Music Lovers "virtual" meeting on Hobbyists Zoom is scheduled for FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2020 at 10:00am.

The meeting will feature:

Fanfare for the Common Man

 A Musical Salute to the Ridgewood Hobbyists


Fanfare for the Common Man is a Video celebration for the men of this fraternal organization who in retirement  have pushed aside social and economic status to become one in play, entertainment, education, and mutual assistance. We came from diverse careers in medicine, science, law, business, education, the arts, sports, banking, finance,  ministry, labor, construction, and other career choices.

We begin with Aaron Copland's magnificent Fanfare for the Common Man which captures our mutual sharing  based on our generational  age group. We were born into the Big Band era and now land together in the middle of COVID-19. Our journey will experience the music of Copland, Glenn Miller, The Andrew Sisters, Bob Dylan, ABBA, Liberace, Music Man, Leonard Cohen, and more including The United States Army Field Band.

Music selections are performed by unusual and out of the ordinary performers. Fanfare is completed with a New Age finale. Moonlight Sonata offers us a sultry pianist named Lola. Popular pieces are performed in Military Tattoo finales and Orchestral Competition finales. There is a salute to the Hobbyist's Italian Club  (and Don T) with an hilarious rendition of a Largo al Factotum from the Barber of Seville.

Enjoy & Regards, Jim McKeown