Music Lovers

The Music Club meets once a month at 10:00am on the second Friday of the month in the First Presbyterian Church Chapel to listen and discuss music programs of high interest. Everyone is invited to attend.

The deputy chairman is: Jim McKeown 327-3411.

Music Lovers Club News

The next Music Lovers meeting is scheduled for FRIDAY DECEMBER 9, 2022 at 10:00am in the Church Chapel.

The program of this month will be "The Music of Leonard Cohen".

Leonard Cohen, a contemporary of Bob Dylan, was a Canadian born poet and novelist who turned to music in 1967 to promote his poetry and also address the popular social and political issues of his day. Leonard Cohen died in 2016 at the age of 84.

Leonard Cohen received numerous prestigious music awards  in both Canada and Internationally  including his own Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Prince of Austrias Award for Literature, and became a Champion of the Order of Canada. His music has been  recorded by music greats James Taylor, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, and Neil Diamond, just to name a few. His work is considered on par with folk/music  greats, such as, Seeger, Guthrie, and of course our Nobel Prize winning poet, Dylan.

This presentation will give you a taste of his poetry and musical talents demonstrating  his folk/political views, a little jazz, a little 'bawdy' and a little spiritual as all these song categories pertained to his era. His most iconic musical piece is  ‘Hallelujah’. I promise you it will be a 'trip'. 
Enjoy! Regards, Jim McKeown