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Movie Lovers

The Movie Lovers Club meets once a month, on the second Tuesday of the month, in the Senior Lounge, first floor of the Ridgewood Village Hall at 1:30pm. We will watch little-known but excellent movies.
Everyone is invited to attend.

The club chairman is: Dick Oswald 447-4053.

Movie Lovers Club News

The next Movie Club Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday APRIL 11, 2023 at 1:30pm in the Senior Lounge of the Ridgewood Village Hall.


At the meeting we will watch "Strangers in Good Company" starring Alice Diabo, Constance Garneau and Mary Meigs.

Directed by Cynthia Scott (1990, 101 min).​

Movie APR_23.jpg

This touching, 1991 Canadian film directed by Cynthia Scott takes the unusual step of casting nonprofessional actors, and the gamble pays off very well indeed.


The story concerns eight elderly women whose tour bus breaks down driving through the wilderness. While waiting to be rescued, they find an abandoned house and look for food. The days and nights they end up spending away from civilization prove restorative to their spirits as each character gets an opportunity to tell her life story.

The ensemble cast, as it turns out, essentially plays themselves in the film: the tales they tell are truly their own. A very talky, slowly paced production, it's best to get into the gentle rhythm of Scott's design and let the experience flow in the same way it does for the performers.

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