Movie Lovers

The Movie Lovers Club meets once a month, on the second Tuesday of the month, in the Senior Lounge, first floor of the Ridgewood Village Hall at 1:30pm. We will watch little-known but excellent movies.
Everyone is invited to attend.

The club chairman is: Dick Oswald 447-4053.

Movie Lovers Club News

The next Movie Lovers Club meetings is scheduled on September 8, 2020 at 1:30pm in the Senior Lounge, on the first floor of the Ridgewood Village Hall with these COVID restrictions:

  • attendance limited to 11 Members

  • seats spaced 6 ft. apart

  • masks worn throughout the movie

  • every person at every movie must sign a paper releasing  Ridgewood from COVID-19 liability


Please will confirm your attendance by e-mail to Dick Oswald at


The movie we are going to watch is "Cyrano de Bergerac" starring  Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers and William Prince.
Directed by Michael Gordon (1950, 113 min.).

Cyrano, famed equally for his swordsmanship and poetry, loves his cousin Roxanne but is reluctant to woo her because of a fatal (he believes) liability: a grotesquely enormous nose.

She in turn loves Christian, a new recruit in Cyrano's regiment, and asks Cyrano to protect and assist him.  And so Cyrano finds himself using his eloquence to help his rival, who is tongue-tied around women, woo the woman they both love.

In addition to this drama there is comedy, swordplay, and one of the most bittersweet endings in film history.