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Military History

The Military History Club meets once a month (on the fourth Monday of the month) in the Church Library. various topic of Military History are reviewed and discussed. Every member is welcomed to attend.

The club chairman is Tom Heed 845-534-869.

Military History Club News

The next meeting is scheduled for MONDAY FEBRUARY 27, 2023 at 2:00pm and it will be a "hybrid" meeting in person at the Church Auditorium and via ZOOM.


The subject of the meeting is "BATTLE OF GUADACANAL".

Guadalcanal should be considered the watershed battle in the Pacific since that is when we turned the Japanese forces from offense to defense.
Our session in February will focus on that first offensive move by the Marines at Guadalcanal.

MIL FEB_23.webp

Click HERE to see some of the previous presentations.

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