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07-27-21        Harriman Long Path + Dunning Trails to Times Square

07-20-21       Raccoon Brook/HTS Loop from Reeves

07-13-21       Almost Perpendicular/Claudius Smith Den

07-06-21        Alpine High Trail South from State Line Lookout

06-29-21       Cancelled Due to Weather

06-22-21       Sterling Forest - Doris Duke + Appalachian Trail

06-15-21        Ramapo Reservation - Bear Swamp Lake Circuit

06-08-21        Harriman Long Path + Dunning Trails to Times Square

06-01-21        Beaver Lake

05-25-21       Sleater Hill Loop from Johnsontown Road in Harriman

05-18-21       Lake Skannatati - Hasencleaver Mine

05-11-21       Sterling Valley Loop Trail

05-04-21       Lunch - Justin's

04-27-21       Harriman Times Square from Route 106

04-20-21       Appalachian Trail Near Mt. Peter

04-13-21        Jackie jones Mountain and Big Hill

04-06-21        Silvermine Lake and Black Mountain

03-30-21        Seven Hills/HTS/Reeves Brook Trails in Harriman

03-23-21        Noorvin Green Long Loop from Crescent Road 

03-16-21        Stockbridge Mountain and Lake Nawahuna

03-09-21        Long Path/AT Loop from Tioriti Traffic Circle