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Volunteer Services

The Hobbyists Unlimited members can participate in a variety of Volunteer activities mostly in Ridgewood.

These activities are coordinated by the club chairman: Dave Smilon 573-0887.


Historically, Hobbyists have assembled, at a time and place, to provide mailing's service to non profit, charitable institutions. We have, in the past, provided such services to the Red Cross,the Children's Therapy Center, the Hermitage,etc. We would meet the client's needs, while having cake and coffee, fellowship and a lively exchange of jokes, medical recommendations, favorite eateries, vacations ,etc.. Usually we would meet in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church; on a Monday morning from 9 AM to finish at about noontime. Present problem is we need new clients. If you know of potential customers have them call Dave Smilon to determine if there is a potential fit.


Newspaper Deliveries at Valley Hospital on Sunday Mornings

The Hobbyists have been providing this community service for about 40 years. There are two man teams to cover each Sunday in the month. There is a list of substitutes to fill in for vacations, sickness, or as experienced replacements for the core team members. Deliveries start at about 9 AM and last about one to one and a half hours, depending on a team's efficiency. Training is provided and you become an official Valley Hospital volunteer. If it sounds interesting to you or you need more information before signing on, call Dave Smilon.



For many reasons, sometimes a Hobbyist needs a ride to a medical appointment and also a ride home. It can be a one time situation or in the case of some serious illness, it may require a team approach to helping. At present we have a list of experienced drivers but to provide assurance of availability, we need to expand the list of driver volunteers. As of today, luckily we have no Hobbyist in need of transportation but this can change at any time.  If you want to volunteer and have your name added to list,  please call Bill Carbone.

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