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Volunteer Service

The Hobbyists Unlimited members volunteer two weekdays per month at Eva’s Village in the city of Paterson.

This activity is coordinated by co-chairmen George Millington (201-788-8312) and Dave Smilon (201-962-5723); these are both cell phones, so you may text if you wish. 

Eva’s Village is a private, non-profit, church-based social service agency serving the homeless and working poor in the inner city of Paterson.  Although it offers approximately ten separate programs for its many clients, the Hobbyists volunteers are primarily involved with the setting up, serving and cleaning up of a hot, nutritious full-plated lunch twice per day.

This activity takes place on alternate Tuesdays eleven months a year.  There is no participation in August.


Currently there are twelve hobbyists volunteering at Eva’s Village.  We are always looking for additional volunteer candidates.  The time commitment is once or twice per month (currently Tuesdays) from 10:00 am, (leaving Ridgewood) to 2:00 pm (returning Ridgewood).


If interested in joining this activity, please contact either George Millington or Dave Smilon at the numbers above. 

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