Gourmet Cooking

For those men who like to cook, this group meets twice a year to prepare a 4-6 course meal with wine pairing included. Each member of the group is required to prepare his selected dish to comply with the dinner theme, such as French, German, Italian, etc.

Members of the group volunteer their homes for 6-8 members with the host responsible for the main entrée. A small fee is collected for the wine selections. The cost of each course is the responsibility of that cook.


The club chairman is Jim McKeown 327-3411.

The Gourmet Cooking Club News

The Gourmet Cooking, ROASTED STUFFED CORNISH HEN, is scheduled for Thursday June 9, 2022 at the private home of a Hobbyist member. The group was limited to eight.

Many have expressed interest, but  any group per home has to be limited to eight participants. More than eight creates a burden on the host.

However, an attempt will be made early Summer to collect the emails of the many members interested with new instructions in putting together groups of eight.

Recipes with instructions will also be included.

If interested, contact Jim McKeown (201-327-3411 or jimmckeown@optonline.net).