Three times a year our members and their spouses/companions get together for an evening of good food and dances. These are the most attended event on our "social" calendar and members can arrange tables to sit with people of their choice. Once you have attended one Dinner/Dance you will put these events on your calendar!

Chairs: Ed Daly 201-447-4603 and Bill Healy 201-652-5868.

Dinner/Dance News

** Dinner Dance - MAY 17 **

at Seasons


Many months have passed since the last Hobbyists Dance at Seasons.

Circumstances have changed enough to be able to anticipate a limited return to this social event in MAY.

State limitations on indoor dining, at the present time, are sufficient to allow Seasons to accommodate 150 people (maybe more by then).


Format of the event will change a bit BUT.......

Seasons assures us that all of the features that have been provided at prior dances will be included in the May Dance.

Antipasto buffet (will not be self serve)

Open bar

Hors d'oeuvre



Coffee / tea


Note...Hobbyists' requirement is that all people attending must be vaccinated or have already had Covid19. Honor system - there will be no "Covid19 police" to check your papers!


While some Hobbyists will be anxious about this type of gathering, we are all informed adults and the decision to participate is your personal choice.


Almost 100 people are already signed up.

Cost of the event is $130. Sign up first, then send check to

Gary Engelhardt

569 Cliff St

Ridgewood, NJ 07450


Fall Dance October 12 and the Holiday Dance December 7