Three times a year our members and their spouses/companions get together for an evening of good food and dances. These are the most attended event on our "social" calendar and members can arrange tables to sit with people of their choice. Once you have attended one Dinner/Dance you will put these events on your calendar!

Chairs: Ed Daly 201-447-4603 and Bill Healy 201-652-5868.

Dinner/Dance News



Monday, December 13

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm





Join your fellow Hobbyists in dining, dancing and socializing.

Sign up for the gala finale of the Hobbyists 2021 social season.


Open bar

Hot and cold appetizer bar

hors d'oeuvres




coffee - tea


Cost of this event is $155. per couple due to price increase required by the caterer.

Dress is semiformal

(there might be a contest for the most festive seasonal tie).

Vaccinations required. Masks optional.


Reservation signup (and table group) contact Bill Healy at the November meeting or (whealy3741@aol.com)

Check for payment to

Gary Engelhardt

569 Cliff St

Ridgewood, NJ 07450



Bill Healy