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The Bridge Club meets every Thursday at 11:45am year-round in the room at the rear of the Church Auditorium.

The club is open to bridge players of all levels, and we welcome new members.  The format is rubber bridge with five rounds of play, each with different partners.

The group plays Standard American bidding style, with use of only basic convention bids.
The main focus of the club is to provide a social atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

The club chairmen are ​Ray Chuebon (201-652-4586) and Mike Murphy (201-334-7284).

 Jim Deaver is the Club Treasurer.


Please refer to the Chairmen's emails for info about Bridge Club Session standings, club news, etc.


The Chess Club meets at the Church on Wednesday mornings from 10:00am to Noon, September through June.

All are welcome. We play relaxed games and there's no heavy competition. Players are asked to bring a chess set with them, if they have one. All should be vaccinated.

The club chairman is ​Rick Pascal (201-791-9526).


Please refer to the Chairman's emails for info about club news and other info.

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